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Data products

The GlobCurrent data repository now includes the surface geostrophic current, the Ekman current at the surface and at 15 m depth, and the combined geostrophic and Ekman currents. The data are interpolated and collocated to a common grid with a spatial resolution of 25 km and a temporal resolution of 1 day for the geostrophic current and three hours for the Ekman currents and the combined currents. It covers the 23-year period from January 1993 to May 2016. A regional product for the Mediterranean Sea interpolated to a spatial resolution of 1/8 degree and a temporal resolution of 3 hours is also available.


Access and downloading:



The data can be visualized at the Syntool visualization website The Syntool front page contains: an overview of products (left); display settings (top); a zoom function (right); and a running timeline (bottom). A wide range of satellite and in-situ data are visualized at global and regional levels. Syntool clearly highlights and demonstrates the ability of sensor synergy for studies of upper ocean dynamics at basin scale (~ 1000 km), at mesoscale (~ 30 to 100 km) and at submesoscale (< 10 km).



Nansat is a Python toolbox for analyzing and processing 2-dimensional geospatial data such as the GlobCurrent data products It combines the versatility and power of Geospatial Abstraction Data Library (GDAL) with scientific knowledge about the content of geospatial data. Nansat adds a priori known scientific metadata, following the Climate and Forecast (CF) and Global Change Master Directory (GCMD) conventions, unifies the access and provides a high level Application Programming Interface (API). Spatial transformation and export of the data into common formats (e.g., NetCDF-CF, PNG, GeoTIFF) is facilitated via GDAL.



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