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The aims of the GlobCurrent project are to develop and promote:

  • Positive impact on user community applications requiring OSC measurements
  • Novel common-format OSC data products and supporting documentation for use by the GlobCurrent user community
  • Regularly updated and quantitative estimates of satellite OSC uncertainties
  • New multi-sensor algorithms capitalizing on the synergy between complementary EO data sets
  • A federated international user/producer community for OSC
  • Improved understanding of the spatial and temporal variability of sub/mesoscale OSC and the underlying 2D and 3D processes governing their dynamics
  • Improved user-led data delivery systems for satellite OSC measurement data products
  • Increased uptake of ESA and other Third Party EO Mission satellite OSC measurements with positive impact on scientific, operational and commercial applications
  • Preparation and exploitation of the GMES Sentinel-1 and Sentinel-3 data sets if available
  • A clear scientific roadmap for future activities required to develop further the GlobCurrent project aim and objectives