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Institut Francais Recherche Pour l ́Exploitation de la Mer

IFREMER has a broad knowledge and experience with satellite data processing of microwave and visible sensor data, sensor synergy, development and operation of CERSAT and features incorporated there including match-up database facility for sensor comparison and merging, Web based applications for online data search and visualization, analysis of matchups, and quality monitoring and assessment. In addition they have strong knowledge and skill in operation of the Coriolis server for in-situ data and quality assessment, in particular Argo floats and surface drifter data.


Roles in consortium

  • Lead the GlobCurrent system Technical specification and the System Implementation tasks. Participate in all other Tasks.
  • Satellite data processing, including microwave to optical sensors. Sensor synergies. Development of operational products. Visualization and Web based applications. In situ ocean data and data quality assessment.




zi Pointe du Diable,
+3329822 4533


Key people

Jean-Francois Piollé

Bertrand Chapron

Nicolas Reul

Jean Tournadre