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Nansen Environmental and Remote Sensing Center

NERSC will lead the project, have strong experience in mesoscale upper ocean feature studies using satellite sensor synergy. Develop and operate SAR imaging simulation tool and the SAR range Doppler anomaly estimation tool. Also developed the Borealis ocean color retrieval algorithm. Conduct numerical ocean modeling of mesoscale features and coupling to biology. Develop and operate the TOPAZ data assimilation system, which is used for the Arctic Modeling and Forecasting in the MyOcean2 project. Have organized and led several satellite validation field campaigns in coastal water and open seas.


Roles in consortium

  • Prime contractor, providing over all Project Management and Administration. Prime responsible and contact with ESA.
  • Lead the users contacts, UCMs and user demonstrations services. Responsible for the final project reporting. Participate in all project tasks.
  • Scientifically contribute with SAR range Doppler anomalies, Ocean colour applications, Integration and validation with ocean modelling, Product validation and satellite sensor synergies




Thormoehlens gate 47,
N-5006 Bergen,


Key people

Johnny A. Johannessen
+47 932 49 414

Lasse H. Pettersson
+47 932 23 563

Morten W. Hansen
+47 458 61 486

Rick Danielson
+47 55205800

Anton Korosov
+47 406 37 615

Roshin Raj
+47 452 63 862

Vladimir Kudryavtsev