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IsardSAT Polska is a subsidiary of isardSAT Barcelona that recently opened in Poland. isardSAT group is expert support laboratory for all altimetric ESA missions from ERS-1 to Envisat-RA2. The group is fully dedicated to altimetry data processing from raw to level 3 for all altimetric modes with special attention to the new modes offered for first time in the CryoSat-2: the SAR and the inSAR modes. It is important to highlight for this bid that isardSAT Polska will link this consortium with the main relevant past and on going ESA SAR Altimetry contracts through the current participation of isardSAT group in: CryoSat Cal/Val, Sentinel-3 GPP, Jason-CS P4 GPP, CP4O (CryoSat Plus for Ocean) and CryoVal Land-Cice, CryoTop and S3 validation team. Furthermore, the employees of isardSAT group have participated in the ESA SAMOSA model derivation (S3A L2 model for ocean surfaces), thus the know how gained in this contract will also be ensured in this consortium by our participation in it.


Roles in consortium

  • Contractor providing expertise in SAR altimetry processing for the derivation of geostrophic currents.



isardSAT Polska

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