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OceanDataLab is a private entity working in close collaboration with the Space Oceanography Laboratory at IFREMER with the objective to generate added value to scientific work produced at IFREMER, but also to add visibility and provide efficient tools to enhance scientific productivity when multi-sensor or multi-modal analysis are required. OceanDataLab scientific staff has extensive expertise in all major ocean remote sensing techniques and IT staff has extensive experience in large dataset processing and visualization techniques using up to date software and hardware technologies. One the key long term objective of OceanDataLab is to develop an open source platform for data discovery and processing. The platform is developed with special attention to enable fast development of algorithms and methods making an extensive use of multimodal (remote sensing, in-situ, model) datasets synergy.

Roles in consortium

  • Assess and validate the technical processing system and production of routine surface currents outputs.
  • Provide software tools for Globcurrent products developers and users to discover and analyze Globcurrent products in comparison with complementary source of ocean surface current.
  • Guide selected users to actually incorporate and make the best possible use of Globcurrent demonstration now-casting products into their ship routing or other operational procedures.



870 Route de Déolen
29280 Locmaria Plouzané

Key people

Lucile Gaultier

Fabrice Collard

Sylvain Herlédan