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PML has world class expertise in visible spectrum ocean colour data and techniques and they have extensive experience in satellite altimetry and the analysis of infra-red and passive microwave data. They have extensive experience in algorithm development and validation, development of sensor-synergy approaches, computer vision approaches to study temporal features, the use of Earth observation data to evaluate models, the design and development of automatic data processing systems and statistical analysis of large datasets. Moreover they have extensive experience of the dynamics of physical and biological oceanographic processes such as fronts, upwelling, filaments, eddies, harmful algal blooms and internal waves, and they have previously developed novel image analysis techniques for automatic feature detection

Roles in consortium

  • Novel IR, visible spectrum ocean colour and altimetry synergy current algorithms and
  • Leading the technical and scientific requirements activities (WP1000) in the project and contributing to the other activities



Prospect Place,
Plymouth PL1 3DH, United Kingdom
+44 1752 63310


Key people

Graham Quartly
+44 1752 633100

Peter Miller
+44 1752 633481

Mark Warren
+44 1752 633432

Francesco Nencioli
+44 1752 633427