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Collecte Localisation Satellites

CLS has a broad experience in satellite data processing in altimetry, sea surface temperature, ocean colour and radar imagery as well as in in-­situ data processing (ARGO float, drifters, and tide gauges). CLS is both involved in research and development activities (multi-­‐mission algorithms improvement, ocean observations validation and combination) and in operational oceanography (GMES Myocean project, AVISO/SALP) and services for end-­users (off-­shore industry, shiprouting, fisheries management).

Roles in consortium

  • Lead of task 2 and contributor of algorithms development
  • Production of Global ocean surface individual components and products
  • Providing support for communication & Outreach activities.
  • Organising a User consultation meeting




8-­10, rue Hermès,
31520 Ramonville Saint-­‐Agne, France
+33 561394833


Key people

Marie-Hélène Rio

Sylvie Labroue

Gilles Larnicol

Philippe Sicard