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Meetings and workshops

This area of the portal has a list of previous and forthcoming conferences, workshops, seminars, etc. relevant to the current community with dates and URL links as well as specific events where GlobCurrent was presented.



GlobCurrent meetings

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Meeting Venue Dates
GlobCurrent User Consultation Meeting 3

ESRIN, Frascati (IT) 21-23 March 2017
GlobCurrent User Consultation Meeting 2 Ifremer, Brest (FR) 4-6 November 2015
GlobCurrent User Consultation Meeting 1 PML, Plymouth (UK) 12-13 November 2014
GlobCurrent Preliminary User Consultation Ifremer, Brest (FR) 7-9th March 2012


Events where GlobCurrent was presented

Living Planet Symposium 2016: Danielson et al., Johannessen et al., Korosov et al. Rio et al

ISRSE 2015: Warren et al.

OSTST: Quartly et al. 2014

ISRSE: Johannessen et al. 2015

S3 for Science: Johannessen et al. 2015M.A. Warren et al. Estimating ocean surface currents from ocean colour feature tracking, Nencioli et al

Project meeting calendar

Please find here the list of physical and “virtual” (video conferences) project meetings planned in GlobCurrent, including their purpose and related deliverables under review.

Event Venue Date Milestone Purpose Deliverables under review
KO ESTEC, Noordwijk (NL) KO+0 M1 Kick off meeting PMP, MSP
SRR-­1 NERSC, Bergen (NO) KO+3 Project Management Meeting and System Requirements Review URD, DIR, RBv1, SRR-­‐1, CMP, GCUG, GCST, TN-­‐1, WWW-­‐1, ATPD-­‐v1-­‐draft, DARD-­‐V1-­‐ draft, ICD-­‐V1-­‐draft
PM-­1 VideoConf KO+6 Project Management Meeting NEWS-­‐1, WWW-­‐2, TN-­‐2,TS-­‐V1, ATBDV1, ICD-­‐V1, DARD-­‐V1, ATPD-­‐V1, CSIP
PM-­2 VideoConf KO+9 Project Management Meeting UM-­‐V1, NEWS-­‐2
Q/AR-­1 Ifremer, Brest (FR) KO+11 Qualification and Acceptance Review 1 QRR-­‐1, ARR-­‐1, HBK-­‐V1, BRO-­‐ 1
UCM-­1 PML, Plymouth (UK) KO+12 M2 M3 Project Management Meeting and User Consultation Meeting DS-­‐V1, VAL-­‐V1
PM-­3 & SRR-­2 VideoConf KO+15 Project Management Meeting and System Requirements Review RB-­‐V2, SRR-­‐2, VAL-­‐V2
MTR+ PM4 ESTEC, Noordwijk (NL) KO+18 M4 Project Management Meeting and Mid Term Review TS-­‐V2, ICD-­‐V2, DARD-­‐V2, ATBD-­‐V2, ATPD-­‐V2, NEWS-­‐3, VAL-­‐V3, PMP, MSP
PM-­5 VideoConf KO+21 Project Management Meeting UM-­‐V2, VAL-­‐V4
Q/AR-­2 NERSC, Bergen (NO) KO+23 Qualification and Acceptance Review 2 QRR-­‐2, ARR-­‐2, HBK-­‐V2, BRO-­‐2
UCM-­2 + SRR-­3 Ifremer, Brest (FR) KO+24 M5 M6 Project Management Meeting and User Consultation Meeting NEWS-­‐4, DSV2, VAL-­‐V5, RB-­‐ V3, SRR-­‐3,
PM-­6 VideoConf KO+27 Project Management Meeting and System Requirements Review TS-­‐V3, ICD-­‐V3, DARD-­‐V3, ATBD-­‐V3, ATPD-­‐V3, VALV6
PM-­7 + Q/AR-­3 isardSAT, Surrey (UK) KO+30 Project Management Meeting and Qualification and Acceptance Review 3 NEWS-­‐5, QRR-­‐3, ARR-­‐3, UM-­‐ V3, HBK-­‐V3, VAL-­‐V7
PM-­8 VideoConf KO+33 Project Management Meeting VAL-­‐V8
UCM-­3 CLS, Toulouse (FR) KO+34 Project Management Meeting and User Consultation Meeting BRO-­‐3, NEWS-­‐6, PAP-­‐1, PAP-­‐ 2, PAP-­‐3, PAP-­‐4, PAP-­‐5
FM ESRIN, Frascati (IT) KO+36 M7 Final Meeting DS-­‐3, FR