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What is your definition of an ocean surface current?

Can we shed some light on the ocean processes and marine applications that need more attention in GlobCurrent? Satellite altimetry, arguably a mature technique for mapping ocean currents, provides one of the most important views of the large-scale oceanic circulation. Still, we know the ground track spacing of conventional altimeters limits the resolution of ocean currents to scales no better than about 100 km and 10 days. This so-called high resolution "altimetry gap" is what prompts ideas to combine altimeter data with sequences of higher resolution satellite and in situ observations. Horizontal extent and time scale are just two possible ways to improve ocean current analysis. There are of course "deeper" issues when it comes to what we need to know. What are your issues? How would you define an ocean current? GlobCurrent would like to know.  Please post a comment below or simply email (replacing -at- with the @ sign).


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