Collected data

This section describes the various datasets collected as input to generate or validate GlobCurrent products. They are all located in the sources subfolder when accessing the GlobCurrent archive through ssh or ftp.

 Reference and climatological datasets

Parameter Dataset Path
Mixed Layer Depth

Ifremer MLD monthly climatology (Boyer)


Mean Dynamic Topography CLS Global MDT (Rio 2009) sources/references/climatologies/mdt/mdt_cls_global_2009/
CLS Mediterranean MDT (Rio 2014) sources/references/climatologies/mdt/mdt_cls_mediterranean_sea/
Currents Surface Monthly Climatology from drifters (Lumpkin) sources/references/climatologies/currents/insitu/lumpkin/
Ifremer/Andro 1000 db Mean Current (Ollitrault) sources/references/climatologies/currents/insitu/ifremer_andro_1000dbar/


In situ datasets

Parameter Dataset Path

In situ drifter database (Rio)



Satellite datasets

Parameter Dataset Path

Model datasets

Parameter Dataset Path
Stokes drift

Ifremer WaveWatch3 Hindcast

(go to uss subfolder for Stokes)